Ferrari 288 GTO for sale

The Ferrari 288 GTO

Impeccable condition
Model 1985
Original mileage: 11,000 km
Recent Ferrari service, all documents included including full history etc.

Available for immediate Worldwide delivery

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About the Ferrari 288 GTO

The Ferrari 288 GTO was manufactured between 1984 and 1985 with only 272 street-legal versions ever produced. Originally built to compete in Group B races, the group was abandoned by the FIA after a fatal accident in 1986 meaning the 288 GTO never raced. The 288 GTO was the first street-legal car to break the 300 km/h barrier with a 0-60mp/h time of less than 5 seconds achieved with a 2.8 litre twin turbo V8 engine further aided by intercoolers and a Weber-Maerelli fuel injection system.

Although the Ferrari 288 GTO didn't actually go into full production until 1985, parts of the car designed by Pininfarina were exhibited at the 1977 Geneva Motor Show on the Ferrari 308 GTB. For the 288 GTO, Ferrari took the unusual step of mounting the engine longitudinally to allow sufficient room for the twin turbochargers and intercoolers with the transmission mounted at the rear of the engine. In addition, the 288 GTO had a wider track to allow for wider wheels and tyres offering improved handling on corners and under braking.