Refined Marques is a Company that takes great pride in providing the highest levels of personal and professional service in sourcing, supplying and purchasing the World’s most exotic, luxury cars available today. Refined Marques Chairman is Ahmed Al Bakry, the son of the late Mohamed Al Bakry, a highly successful business entrepreneur and avid collector of luxury and vintage cars, who has inherited his Father’s life-long passion for best-in-class precision motor engineering.

In November 2010 Refined Marques whose origins are firmly rooted in motorsport and today provide the ultimate aftermarket performance parts for Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche supercars. This enables Refined Marques to offer customers a very exclusive range of stock vehicles, often expediting long waiting lists, enhanced to customers’ exact specifications and shipped safely and securely to any location in the World.


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The Largest and most Exclusive, Unique, Exotic, Luxury and Collector Cars Worldwide.