10 Interesting Lamborghini Facts You Should Know

Among the fascinating history of the Italian car industry, there is one car brand that truly stands out.

Nothing turns heads more than a beautiful Lamborghini. If you are a luxury car enthusiast, you have likely considered owning a Lamborghini at some point.

If you consider hiring or purchasing a luxury car in the future, you should definitely consider adding a Lamborghini to your collection.

And like a luxury car aficionado, you should marvel at the fascinating Lamborghini facts that add to the experience of owning and driving one of these cars.

Interesting Lamborghini Facts 

Whether you speak to a luxury car enthusiast or a layman, both well tell you about the magnificence of a Lamborghini.

The Lamborghini always turns heads when it drives by. But what is it about these cars that make us stare in awe?

Here are the awesome Lamborghini facts that every car enthusiast should know:

1. Ferruccio Lamborghini

The name of this luxury car brand comes from its founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini. 

He was born in 1916 and developed a keen interest in Mechanics at an early age. He pursued his interest by studying at the Fratelli Taddia Technical Institute and later became a mechanic in the Italian Air Force.

He then continued to work as a mechanic and as an engineer for many years after leaving the Italian Air Force.

It was in 1963 when he started the Lamborghini company.

2. Need a Tractor?

Many car companies started off as pursuing other interests before venturing into automobile production. Lamborghini was no different.

It started out by selling tractors. In fact, outside of Italy no one will know that they still make tractors to this day. The tractors were needed for Italy’s agricultural workers.

One of the issues that farmers faced was the cost of petrol needed for tractors. Petrol was also not one of the most efficient methods of fueling a tractor. Lamborghini’s tractors were optimized for diesel and are still a favorite among the Italian agricultural industry.

3. The Challenge

Apart from Lamborghini, the other great Italian luxury carmaker is Ferrari.

Oddly enough, while these two car manufacturers are now in competition, it was because of Enzo Ferrari that Lamborghini makes luxury cars!

Ferrucio continued to produce tractors and other agricultural vehicles. The success of these vehicles made him a rich man. To reward his efforts, he purchased a Ferrari 250 GT. 

This sports car was his pride and joy. But there was one issue with the car that irked Ferrucio. He didn’t like the clutch that the car had. He brought this up to Enzo Ferrari who was infuriated.

Enzo felt insulted by Ferrucio’s criticism of the Ferrari car and said that he should stick to agricultural vehicles and that he knew nothing of luxury automobiles. Ferrucio took this as a challenge and decided to add a new string to Lamborghini’s bow.

4. The Design

Ferrucio knew that to make Lamborghini stand out from other luxury cars, it needed a unique design for its models.

Each Lamborghini model is made under the supervision of several designers. Throughout its history, Lamborghini models have been designed by a plethora of different designers including Touring, Bertone, Marcello Gandini, Franco Scaglione, and Mario Marazzi.

The design of Lamborghini models is inspired by fighter planes. It was the designer Filippo Perini who was especially taken by American F-22 and B-2 fighter planes and used them as inspiration for designing the modern Lamborghini models. 

5. Name of Cars

Lamborghini’s are also known for the names of their cars.

Ferrucio knew that the name of the models would stick in people’s minds and would make the brand more memorable overall. He was a huge fan of Spanish bullfighting and it was his admiration for the fierceness of the bulls that made him decide on the theme of the cars.

The Lamborghini models are named after bulls. The Lamborghini Miura was the first model. Later and more popular models include the Lamborghini Murcielago and Lamborghini Gallardo.

6. More Than a Pretty Face!

Today’s modern Lamborghini model is associated with luxury. They are seen as playthings for the rich and famous.

But Ferrucio always saw practicality to even luxury cars, a remnant of his experience creating agricultural vehicles. To this day, Italians have used Lamborghini’s to transport blood and organs. A Lamborghini is a perfect vehicle to transport time-sensitive material (such as blood and organs) due to its high speed.

It’s this high speed that has also made Lamborghini’s a popular choice of car for police officers in both Italy and in the United Arab Emirates.

7. Pirelli Tires

Ferrucio believed in loyalty. He realized that the best tires to handle the intensity and vigor of a Lamborghini were Pirelli Tires.

To this day, all of the current Lamborghini car models are fitted with Pirelli tires. When tires need to be replaced, it is always suggested to only use Pirelli tires. 

8. The Viper Engine

Did you know that the Dodge Viper engine owes its prototype to Lamborghini?

The viper engine is a staple of Dodge Viper cars. The prototype was built by Lamborghini in the 1980s. But, current Dodge Vipers do not use the prototype that Lamborghini had built and opted for another option.

The original prototype is kept in storage in Detroit. However, the inspiration for the current engine is still owed to the unique engineering of Lamborghini.

9. The Winter Academy

If you want to experience the thrill of driving a Lamborghini, you should look into their Winter Academy

This is an opportunity to race around a ski resort in a Lamborghini. It is frequented by Lamborghini enthusiasts and is the most unique way to test drive the Lamborghini of your choice!

10. The Legacy

Ferrucio Lamborghini passed away in 1993. He left behind a legacy enjoyed by many car enthusiasts to this day.

If you love Lamborghini’s you should visit The Lamborghini Museum. If you truly consider yourself a fan, you should consider adding one to your collection.

Jump into a Lambo!

Now that you know the many interesting Lamborghini facts, we hope to see you jump into a Lambo soon!

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