10 Key Vehicle Maintenance Checklist Items for Your Ferrari

So you’ve made an impression with your Ferrari. You have fallen in love with this car and treat it with the utmost care.

But like any other car, a Ferrari will underperform if it is not maintained. You need to ensure superior maintenance so that your Ferrari remains in top condition.

This may sound stressful but you do not have to worry. 

We have put together this vehicle maintenance checklist so you can keep your Ferrari in top condition.

The Vehicle Maintenance Checklist for Your Ferrari

We want to make sure you look after your Ferrari. While we encourage regular servicing and finding a great mechanic when the need arises, it is crucial that you also refer back to this checklist so you know your Ferrari is being taken care of.

Here’s the checklist for maintaining your Ferrari:

1. Tires

It is often surprising that though a car cannot function without tires, many car owners tend to neglect them. In fact, it is recorded that approximately 11,000 car crashes happen each year due to tire issues.

The three main things to check are:

  • Making sure your tires have enough air pressure
  • Make sure the alignment of your tires remain consistent
  • Rotate your tires when needed – it is suggested to rotate them after every 6,000 miles

It will help if you regularly see your mechanic and ask them to check how your tires are doing.

Also, when purchasing new tires, make sure you always choose the best quality. Again, you can seek advice from your mechanic.

2. Oil and Fluids

You will need to make sure you have sufficient oil in your car. Your Ferrari will have a manual on how to change and how often to change the oil. If you need to seek an expert’s advice make sure they have extensive experience with Ferraris.

You also want to make sure you refill the fluids regularly. These fluids include brake fluid, power-steering fluid, fluid for automatic transition, and, of course, fluid for your windshield wipers.

Also, you must remember that being in a luxury car means that you cannot settle for generic products. Ask your mechanic what oil and fluids are best suited for your model of Ferrari.

3. Car Lights

Part of maintaining a Ferrari is also keeping up appearances. Making sure your Ferrari’s lights are working is a huge part of this.

Even when you are not driving the car, you should start it on occasion and walk around to check that the front and rear lights are on. You should also check if the lightbulbs are on their last legs.

If a light is out, then a mechanic can determine whether the bulb needs replacing or a fuse needs to be fixed.

4. Paint

While this may have more to do with appearance than safety, let’s not forget that you are driving a Ferrari!

If you notice the paint chipping away from your car, you should take it to a garage to get a new paint job. Once again, because you are driving a Ferrari, you will need to shell out for premium paint.

5. Battery

As with any car, your Ferrari will need to have the battery maintained and eventually replaced.

Battery problems are usually the main cause of a car breaking down. On average, a high-quality battery will last three to five years. However, the weather (usually colder) can lower its life expectancy.

Your driving habits, including how often you drive can also affect this. Make sure you ask your local garage to check your battery whenever you go for servicing.

If a battery needs to be replaced, consult with your mechanic on what the best option is for your battery.

6. Debris

Your car can collect a lot of unwanted debris. This can cause serious damage to the wellbeing of the Ferrari.

Make sure you clean any debris inside of the car. But the main place to look is under the hood. Any debris lying around the engine can cause serious damage and lead to your car deteriorating rapidly.

Make sure debris is also cleaned from the radiator.

7. Glass

The windows of your car can develop small chips that can eventually become large cracks. 

Unfortunately, the small chips are not always visible to the naked eye. As a result, the large cracks can come out of nowhere.

Invest in a high-quality glass cleaner so that you can easily notice these small chips. Then you will be able to replace the glass sooner – which will save you costs.

8. Air Filter

You should also remove your car’s air filter on occasion. 

After removing it, hold it up to bright light. If you are able to see a lot of light peeking through then you can go ahead and put it back. 

If you cannot see light through the filter, it should be replaced immediately. A car’s air filter is crucial for its overall performance.

9. Timing Belt

The timing belt is where your car’s miles are recorded. Check your Ferrari’s owner’s manual and it will give you the timeframe of when your timing belt needs to be replaced.

This is something that should not be postponed. The timing belt is crucial to the wellbeing of the car’s engine. If it breaks then the repair cost will be more than what you bargained for. 

Have it replaced as soon as the instructions tell you to do so – usually this is after you have owned the car for a certain number of years or have driven a certain number of miles.

10. Drive Regularly

Many Ferrari owners may not drive their cars regularly. Often, the Ferrari is saved for special occasions and is not a substitute for their main car.

While you do not have to replace your main car with your Ferrari, you should make sure it does not just lie around as a showpiece. Take it for a spin at least once a week. If you cannot take it out, you should start the car and let the engine run.

Failure to do so means the car battery and engine may fail.

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Now that you know the vehicle maintenance checklist, you are ready to keep your Ferrari in top condition and make an impression!

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