Is the 2020 McLaren GT the Supercar For You?

Featuring a twin-turbo V8 engine with 612 horsepower, the 2020 McLaren GT is no slouch, but is it a supercar worth adding to your garage?

Did you know that the 2020 McLaren GT has a top speed of 203 mph (326 kph)?

What makes this statistic even more impressive is that this is a GT, or touring car, not a track vehicle designed purely for speed. 

The McLaren GT is designed for fantastic performance and looking great while touring awesome landscapes and cities. 

However, is the GT a supercar or a tourer at heart? Is this the performance vehicle that you have been missing? Why not find out in our in-depth article below.

GT Performance

There is no doubt that muscle under the bonnet makes a supercar a supercar. The McLaren GT does not disappoint and provides 620bhp in an almost entirely redesigned engine. 

If this is not enough, the car is not only designed to be more powerful, but it also has been created from lighter materials, meaning that your 620 horses go a lot faster than previous models. 

The engine is located in the center of the car. This might not sound conventional from a supercar point of view. However, imagine yourself winding around the twisting roads of the Amalfi coast. You can see why a well-balanced mid-engined powerhouse would be the ideal car.

Storage for Touring

The location of the motor does affect the car in terms of practical storage space. However, while the seating area is not as large as it could be, the McLaren offers more than enough storage space under both the hood and in the boot space. Even enough to fit your golf clubs!

McLaren has taken care to ensure that the massive power that the car generates does not mean that storage areas heat up. They provide cooling by means of ducts to ensure that stored items are kept at least at room temperature.  

Classic Interior

When buying a supercar, looks are a crucial part of the package. The McLaren does not disappoint. The lines on the outside of the McLaren GT are a beauty to behold.

However, the trim on the inside is also something special. If you are planning to tour with a car, it must be pretty to look at and comfortable over the course of a few hours. McLaren has achieved both with quite some success. 

Its luxurious leather trim (we like the red leather finish) is both comfortable and subtly shouts class.

Driving Experience

While a track car might need stiff suspension that will prevent the car from leaning when taking corners at speed, the GT provides something a little more kind. 

They understand that when touring you need a little more cushioning and comfort rather than racing rigidity. because of this, they have added softer front springs and adaptive dampening. 

Since the engine is located in the center of the car, it provides an excellent balance that does not pull either the front or the rear of the car in any particular direction. 

When cornering, you will feel this perfect balance. Notice how it does not over or understeer easily and how judging corners is effortless. Surely this is one of the best-powered steering systems in any car in the world.

Ride Quality

The ride quality of the McLaren GT is incredibly high. The suspension provides a perfect level of contact with the road quality but does not force you to experience every jolt the car encounters. 

Even the noise of the car is tempered. It is loud enough to give you the supercar growl that we are all interested in. Yet, hearing the sound of the engine will not deafen you or cause disturbance even over a longer period of time. 

The v8 is a true beast, no doubt. However, it is a tamed beast. There is no sense that you are wrestling with it to beat it into submission. The driver feels that they are 100% in control of the beast and that they can direct it at will.

Stretching for the Horizon

As you travel up the revs. you get an idea of the power between your hands. Below 2500 rpm, you get the feeling that the car is ready to kick in at your command. Between 3000 to 8200 rpm, the car embraces the freedom it is given and rapidly builds.

After 5000, the engine bursts into life and reaches out for the horizon. None of this seems unexpected or out of control. It feels more “shaken, not stirred” rather than a mindblowing cocktail. 

Here is where the supercar alias takes over. While many touring cars have practical instrumentation directed at drivers who will take long journeys, the McLaren provides just the minimum. Unfortunately, blind-spot cameras, lane departure warnings, and other safety devices are not part of the standard package.

Running Costs

Packing the practicality of a touring car into a supercar does not come without a weighty price tag. The basic model, of course, does not come with optional extras installed. These include improved trim options, B & W audio system, and more. 

The fuel consumption maxes out at 23.7 mpg. This is based on touring figures. When using the car in urban areas or when climbing picturesque mountain regions, you can expect this to be approximately half.

However, if you can meet these costs, you will have a truly magnificent and practical car for many different vacation experiences. 

2020 McLaren GT: The Grand Touring Supercar You Have Been Missing

If you are looking for a grand touring car that is more supercar than a practical tourer, then the 2020 McLaren GT is for you.

It does have all the features of a tourer, but it is clear to see that the heart of its designers was in supercars. This means that you have a practical car with fantastic handling and an enormous engine to match.

If you would like to learn more about supercars and the latest models available, then we can help you. Simply contact us or check out our blog for more information.