7 Facts About Bugatti Veyron Sports You Need to Know

When looking for a luxury car, you want one with style, a historical reputation, and great performance.

While there are many cars that may fit the bill, there is one that stands out amongst the rest.

We are, of course, talking about the Bugatti Veyron Sports car. 

What to Know About the Bugatti Veyron Sports

The two main Bugatti models available today are the Chiron and the Veyron. While both are popular, the Veyron is truly an exclusive and rare model. Even amongst the existing models, there are rare and unique variations.

If you’ve taken one look at the Bugatti Veyron Sports, you are probably ready to jump into one.

If you’ve decided that this will be your luxury car of choice, here is what you should know about this fantastic automobile and the history of the company:

1. Need for Speed

It is no secret that the Bugatti Veyron Sports is among the fastest cars in the world. It is built with 16 cylinders and 1,000 horsepower.

It also includes four turbochargers. This intense speed capacity means that the car needs 10 radiators just to keep it cool!

It is able to reach up to 267 miles per hour in less than a minute. 

But while we may take the speed and the other great features for granted, the Bugatti Veyron has an incredible history…

2. How it Came to Be

So how did the Bugatti company start? Ferdinand Piëch was the Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen. He had a background in engineering and understood the inner workings of a car.

He took a blank sheet of paper and drew an engine with eighteen cylinders. This was unprecedented as building such an engine had never been attempted before.

This design eventually came to life. It was built with three VR6 six-cylinder engines. These engines were fit together and it remains one of the most fantastic engines you’ll find today.

3. The Bugatti Revival

Bugatti was an existing car brand that eventually died down in the twentieth century.

It was in 1998 when Ferdinand saw a toy of one of Bugatti’s former models. It was the 1937 Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic.

Bugatti was a stylish brand. It had a sense of class that the luxury car enthusiast would respond to.

Ferdinand eventually bought the Bugatti brand. He would reintroduce the brand to the luxury car world and the new models would have the unprecedented speed he wanted to introduce.

4. The New Buggati

In 1998, the world saw its first new Bugatti. This was the EB 118 and it was soon followed up by the EB 218 the following year.

Both of these new Bugatti’s made an impression on the luxury market. But they still had not fully met with Ferdinand’s original vision.

That would come later in 1999 when he introduced the first model of the Bugatti Chiron. It was the world’s first supercar. It was the sports car that suited the needs of luxury car aficionados and those with a desire for speed.

But it was the fourth new Bugatti model that really took the world by storm. This was, of course, the Bugatti Veyron Sports.

5. Meet the Veyron

Ennore Bugatti had a saying: “if it’s comparable, it’s not Bugatti.” Ferdinand took this to heart. He knew that, henceforth, Bugattis had to have a unique style. 

They had to be immediately recognizable. They could not be confused with another model of car.

Look at a Veyron today, and you will know you are looking at a Bugatti. At the turn of the new Millenium, at the Geneva Car Show, Ferdinand told the world he would unleash a new version of the Bugatti Veyron.

This would be able to speed past 248 miles per hour and go over 60 miles per hour in three seconds.

Naturally, there were skeptics. But Ferdinand continued his work. The world would be amazed in a matter of months.

6. Speed and Style

Can you get a car that has the style expected from luxury cars? Can that same car have an incredible speed and hold its place as one of the fastest cars in the world? And can that same car also be used for everyday driving?

In the earlier months of the year 2000, most people would scoff at such an idea. As they did when Ferdinand announced Bugatti’s plans to create such a car. But Ferdinand persisted.

The new Bugatti Veyron had a W16 engine. This was made with two V8 engines that were combined. The engine was turbocharged. It also had a permanent all-wheel drive.

And it made heads turn with its sleek design – both exterior and interior. 

Ferdinand had introduced a new luxury car that immediately commanded respect. He had created a car that would make heads turn – if they managed to turn before the ultra-fast Veyron sped out of sight!

7. The Legend Continues

Production of the Bugatti Chiron is more the norm today. But that does not lessen the intrigue of the Veyron. 

In fact, it makes the Veyron a greater anomaly. The Veyron usually sells for $1.5 Million as a starting point. It has become a favorite amongst many celebrities. 

As production has slowed down, the Bugatti Veyron Sports is like a beautiful diamond: it is a rare privilege to own one. While any high earner can own a luxury car, owning a Bugatti Veyron puts you in a class above others.

Can you imagine driving through London, the British countryside, or the streets of Dubai in a Bugatti Veyron Sports? Regardless of where you find yourself, you will make an impression as you cruise behind the wheel of one.

This is a car that commands respect. It opens doors for you. And if you invest your money wisely, you might open the door of a Bugatti Veyron Sports in the future.

See You on the Road

If you have decided to purchase a Bugatti Veyron Sports, you have made a great choice. Join the elite group of high net worth individuals who call themselves the proud owner of this car.

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