A Beginner’s Guide to the Bugatti Chiron: Everything to Know

There’s no mistaking perfection when it comes to the Bugatti Chiron.

The Chiron is Bugatti’s most powerful supercar to date. It’s designed behind a team focused on performance, a sleek design, and innovative thinking

A $3 million sticker price makes the Chiron one of the most expensive supercars in the world. It comes in five select models, Sport, Standard, PUR Sport, Sport 110 ANS, and Super Sport 300+. 

Bugatti is in the running for the best of the best among sportscar brands. So what makes the Bugatti Chiron so desirable? There’s a lot more than meets the eye. 

Bugatti Chiron Sets the Bar

Performance is the biggest factor when it comes to sports cars. If what’s under the hood doesn’t meet the industry’s standards it won’t sell. When it comes to supercars, there’s no wonder the rich and famous love driving them

Like other exotics, Bugatti Chiron sets the bar high starting under the hood. 

The engine is a four turbocharger with two-stage turbocharging and packs 1,500 horsepower. The Chiron leaps from 0-62 in 2.5 seconds and tops out at 261 mph. This is all thanks to the 1,600-foot-pounds of torque that are packed into the vehicle. 

An engine this powerful can’t be completed overnight. It takes the company seven days to build the engine responsible for powering the Chiron. Two teams work on the vehicle over a week-long process and test the motor when all is said and done. 

Looking into the future of the Chiron shows specifications that push the vehicle even further. An eventual chassis revision down the road will be used to refine the vehicle’s handling. 

So we know the Chiron handles business in the performance aspects, but what about its build?

Outside Looking In

The build of the Chiron is just as impressive as what’s under the hood. 

A combination of sleek and muscular, Bugatti created a reinterpretation of its design DNA.

The Chiron dons a C-shape that carves deep into the car’s side panels. To increase performance, an intelligent air intake system takes advantage of this C-shape. The design helps improve aerodynamics and adds additional cooling for the engine and breaks. 

Even further, the quad LED headlights to add additional air intake for the front breaks. Functional performance is the name of the game when it comes to sportscars. You need the functionality, but aesthetics should match. 

There is also some customizability that a potential owner has. From the finest hand-picked leather to various metals, engravings, and embroidery, you make the finishing touches. There’s even a small selection of vehicle body color combinations. 

Bugatti’s luxury cars take performance-orientation to the next level.

Eyes on the Sky

Spaciousness is important no matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving, even a supercar. Bugatti kept this in mind and included another dimension to their vehicle that creates a sense of additional space. 

Dubbed Skyview, the additional inside ceiling glass provides a view into another dimension. This addition provides the cockpit with even more natural light. Two glass panels exist on the roof of the driver and passenger side. 

If you were worried about any of Bugatti’s signature looks, don’t fret. The company didn’t take away its trademarked horseshoe grill or distinctive C-bar.

Running through the center between the two seats in the vehicle’s carbon fiber fin. It’s another nod to innovative thinking the Chiron embraced. The same can be said for the cockpit itself.

Functional Space and Design

A focus of technicality from the outside in was thanks to Etienne Salomé, Bugatti’s director of interior design. 

Salomé noted that he didn’t want to sacrifice the high demands of Bugatti and intended on preserving an iconic brand. And that he did. 

Contouring leather and the consolidation of controls makes the Chiron’s cockpit what he describes as “peaceful”. There are hardly any vibrations or engine noise that’s noticeable from the inside thanks to the build of the vehicle. 

At two meters in width the Chiron is a spacious vehicle. The space fits adjustable leather seats and a plethora of 21st-century technological additions. It’s a classic look still, a stereo system and a trip computer only. Simplicity at its finest. 

LED lights run along the C-line that separates the two seats. In order to stay in line with classic, Bugatti hasn’t ditched the 500 km/h mark or mechanical speedometer. 

Additional Bells and Whistles

Bugatti’s Chiron has hundreds of bells and whistles packed into its $3 million price tag

It could be the 2.3-inch titanium exhaust system, reduced gas back pressure, lightweight materials, the list goes on. With all these bells and whistles, a Chiron needs five months to be completed. That means three months of waiting for the parts and two more to get it put together. 

Let’s not forget the $550 badge on the Chiron’s grille that reads, Bugatti. It’s made of hand-enameled sterling silver and only makes up about 0.02 percent of its total price tag. 

Special attention was also paid to how the vehicle handles. The car includes a new ZF-sourced electric power steering rack, external Sachs suspension dampers, and custom Michelin tires dubbed the Pilot Sport Cup 2.

All of this means one thing for future owners — with this type of handling there’s potential for drifting.

If you’re looking for a supercar that is built behind a high-speed design and an even higher price tag, the Bugatti Chiron is for you. 

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