Amazing Ferrari Facts You Didn’t Know

Ferrari holds a coveted place in the history of the automobile industry.

Over the years, the fabled brand produced some of the most iconic supercars to ever grace the roads. They’re propelled by technological superiority and design ingenuity. Sleek and powerful, they win races and adorn walls of homes.

Still, there are many fascinating Ferrari facts that fly under the radar. They reveal the intricacies and mysteries defined the brand’s exciting journey.

We’re going to show you how the company logo, racing team, and the brand itself came to be. So, without further ado, let’s power up the engines to learn some amazing Ferrari facts.

Enzo’s Heart Remained Close to Home

If you love Ferrari, you probably know who Enzo Ferrari is.

But, were you aware he was an accomplished driver himself, who raced for Alfa Romeo? He only later broke away and started traveling the world with his own racing team.  

His journeys took him down many highways and byways. Yet, he always cherished moments that allowed him to stay nearby his hometown of Maranello.

Today, the headquarters of the Italian automaker is located there.  The same goes for Museo Ferrari and Scuderia Ferrari Formula One racing team. Global ambitions never dissuaded Enzo from cultivating his local backyard.

The Story Behind the Ferrari Logo

Ferrari logo is instantly recognized anywhere roads stretch.

Many people think “prancing horse” is a nod to immense horsepower under the hood. But, it actually harkens back to World War I. In 1923, Enzo Ferrari met with the parents of a renowned ace Francesco Baracca after one race.

He was captivated with the story of their son, who died piloting a fighter plane. Not only that but Enzo decided to take his military logo and use it as a lucky charm. The yellow shield that accompanies the prancing horse on the logo symbolizes Enzo’s hometown.

The name of the legendary Italian ace is also on the world’s steepest steel rollercoaster.  We’ll tell you more about that theme park a bit later.

A Shaky Start to the Race

The first Ferrari model was a 12-cylinder race car named 125 S.

Due to World War II, its release took place later than intended, in 1947. At the time, Ferrari was a far cry from a mass-producing automobile giant. These were very humble beginnings and only two 125 S vehicles were built.

The founder of the company called the car “a promising failure”. He was aware Ferrari had a long way to go, which entailed a whole lot of trial and error.

Mechanics eventually fixed an issue with the fuel pump and the car won the Rome Grand Prix. Alas, these two models exist only in memory now. They were disassembled and became spare parts for upcoming Ferrari cars.

Frugality paved the way for a brand to become a synonym for luxury on four wheels.

The Reluctant Red Color

When envisioning Ferrari cars, most people think in red tones.

Even though modern models feature other colors, red remains the “default” choice of diehard fans.  It’s estimated almost half of all Ferrari cars that find their owners carry this color.

In light of this evidence, it’s intriguing that red wasn’t really a color company wanted. The brand had no say in it as a matter of fact.

In the olden days, The International Automobile Federation (FIA) compelled all racing teams to use red. Nevertheless, the color stuck with Ferrari and it still embellishes its newer vehicles, such as the F-50 model.

It’s Possible to Customize Every Car Part

Thanks to Ferrari Tailored Made program, buyers can customize virtually every element of the car.  

To make it happen, they have to travel to the aforementioned town of Maranello. There, they have a wide spectrum of choices before them. Interior trims, accessories, finishes, you name it.

The three main collections are Scuderia, Classica, and Idenita.

Scuderia collection taps into the rich racing tradition of the brand. Classica puts a modern twist to it, while Idenita champions innovative solutions.

The demand is high and it can take around two years to get your tailored-made product. Not even world-famous celebrities get special treatment here.

You Can Visit a Ferrari Theme Park

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Park was opened in 2010.

It’s one of the largest indoor theme parks of them all. The highlights are four thrill rides, including an F1-inspired rollercoaster. Just consider yourself warned— F1 is the fastest rollercoaster on the face of the earth.

If that’s not your cup of tea, you can enjoy other attractions as well, which are more suited for families and kids.

And in case you’re a licensed driver, you may want to check out “Driving Experience”. It allows you to get some action behind the wheel of a Ferrari California.

Note that one can easily get to the park from Dubai or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.

Ford vs. Ferrari vs. Fiat

The rivalry between Ford and Ferrari is well-documented.

It was also put to film in the Oscar-winning title Ford vs. Ferrari. The movie depicts many real events, including that time when Henry Ford attempted to buy the Italian company. The negotiations blew up when the question of control over the racing team was raised.

Enzo retained ownership, but that wouldn’t last forever. In 1969, he sold 50% of the company to the Fiat, and later his son did the same. The last chapter in the story unraveled when Fiat Chrysler Automobiles decided to spin-off the Ferrari brand in 2016.

It was a controversial move than instantly decreased the market value of Fiat by one-third. Go figure.

Ferrari Facts and Figures Speak Volumes

Getting the precious keys doesn’t make you’re a true Ferrari owner.

Namely, to really own a car, you have to know its soul. We’ve shared with you some relatively obscure Ferrari facts to inform your buying and driving endeavors.