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This car was built in only 77 units and has since appeared in popular video games such as Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Test Drive Unlimited 2. The Aston Martin One-77 features a full carbon fibre monocoque chassis and handcrafted aluminium bodywork, while its 7.3 litre V12 engine was claimed to be the most powerful naturally aspirated production engine in the world at launch. So it has a front-mid V12 engine driving the rear wheels through a six-speed automated manual gearbox. But the familiar Aston 5.9-litre V12 has been radically re-developed by Cosworth Engineering. Capacity is up to 7.3 litres, weight down by 60kg; it’s been given a dry-sump and the compression ratio is up to 10.9:1. Aston claims that this wild, high-revving V12 has 750bhp and 553lb ft. It also sits a full 100mm lower in the One-77’s chassis than in the DB9’s thanks to the dry sump, and it’s way behind the front axle line. It drives the six-speed transaxle via a carbon propshaft that passes through a magnesium alloy torque tube. Then there’s the fully adjustable inboard suspension that allows each customer to tailor their car for the way they intend to use it. Other info: Taxes Paid for Circulation in Europe. Includes Exhibition certificate from Factory for Import to USA without custom duties.

Make: Aston Martin
Model: One-77
Mileage (KM): 935km
Body style: Coupe
Engine Type: Petrol
Engine: 7.3 L V12 750 bhp (760 PS, 559 kw) 750 Nm (553 lb ft)
Transmission: Dual-Clutch Automatic
Color: Dark Silver
Interior color: Orange Brown
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