Ferrari 599 GTO


The 599 GTO is, after all, a GTO and only the third Ferrari to do so. Those were the 250 GTO and the 288 GTO. The 599 GTO is in good company. However, those cars were built for the racetrack. Cynics might argue the 599 GTO is purely superficial – the third digit in GTO stands for ‘Omologato’, or homologated. That’s the glass half empty state of events. Ferrari sees the 599 GTO as a road legal version of the 599 XX track car, rather than a hotted-up version of the standard car. No surprise then that the GTO carries much of the XX’s kit. The 6.0-litre V12 has ‘diamond-like carbon coating’ on the tappets and there’s plenty of ‘super polishing’ too. These modifications, among others, increase efficiency by 12 per cent. There’s a six-into-one exhaust manifold and a re-engineered intake for more noise and, incredibly, still conforming to Euro 5 and LEV2 homologation standards. The headline power and torque figures make impressive enough reading on their own; the GTO’s 5999cc V12 produces a whopping 671bhp at 8250rpm and 457lb ft at 6500rpm, up from 612bhp and 448lb ft in the GTB. Combine this with a full 100kg weight reduction and you begin to realise how potent a machine the 1605kg GTO really is.

599 GTO
Mileage (KM):
Body style:
Engine Type:
‎6.0 L Tipo F140 C V12 5999 cc
Dual-Clutch Automatic
Interior color:
Black interior

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