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The McLaren F1 is more than just a fast car. This is a car that has made its stable mark in automotive history. Having had the advantage with some of the most best and impeccable engineering of its time, it was a watershed moment for the automotive industry, specially when the likes of McLaren, Lambo’s, and a host others continue to push the pedal to the metal. On the engine department, Murray wanted a naturally aspirated engine that allows it to be more reliable and easy to manipulate. After going through some candidates, the McLaren team settled on a BMW-designed 6.0 liter V12 engine that weighs in at 266 kilograms and yet generates 627 horsepower. They had the compartment plated by gold foil for insulation. Combined with the frame’s light frame, the power to weight ratio of the McLaren F1 can only be described as amazing: 550 horsepower per ton. For a very long time, the McLaren F1 had been the world’s fastest car, and even now, it is still very difficult to beat. Zero to 62 mph, it comes in at 3.2 seconds, 0 to 100 miles per hour comes at 6.3 seconds, and has a top speed of 248 mph. But this car is more than just that. The McLaren F1 has set a standard in the sports car industry

Make: McLaren
Model: F1
Mileage (KM): 0km
Body style: Coupe
Engine Type: Petrol
Engine: 6.1 L BMW S70/2 V12
Transmission: Dual-Clutch Automatic
Color: Silver
Interior color: Black interior
Youtube Video:

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