Dream Cars: 7 Awesome Reasons to Buy a BMW

There are many different reasons why you should buy a BMW. You can find out more by checking out our helpful guide right here.

Do you want to drive in ultimate luxury? Do you want people to notice your car? Luxury automobiles are the ultimate status symbol, and if you’re in the market for one, you need to know which brand is best.

Nobody buys a luxury car for utilitarian reasons. There are many fine, affordable family cars on the market to serve the purposes of point A to point B transportation. You’re buying a luxury car to show the world who you are.

Looking to upgrade? There are many reasons you should buy a BMW. Read on for the top seven.

1. Efficiency

Let’s be real. Luxury cars present the latest and best in automotive technology. The hefty price tag associated with these vehicles means so much more than status. If these cars were all sizzle and no steak, there’d be no reason to buy one.

With its EfficientDynamics design system, purchasing a BMW is not only a luxury purchase but an environmentally conscious one.

The EfficientDynamics system incorporates the entirety of a BMW to reduce fuel consumption. This means everything from the weight, the aerodynamics, the engine, and the battery contribute to a BMW’s fuel efficiency. 

Given the long history of BMW innovation, it’s no doubt that the company would now make some of the most fuel-efficient and green luxury cars on the market. Think about it like this. You’re buying a BMW to save the Earth.

2. Investment

The moment you drive a new car off the dealer lot is when your new car drops in value. For this reason, people rarely think of a new car as an investment. More often, people buy a new or used car out of necessity.

If you live in a rural area or a city without great public transportation, you know the need for a car. Yet if cars were for need only, why buy a BMW?

They’re an investment. Sought after on the used market and well made, these cars hold their value for a long time. Though you will never make money on a car purchase, BMWs hold high resale and trade-in value.

When you buy a BMW, you buy one for the expert craftsmanship. You should expect to drive the car for many years.

3. Easy Maintenance

The one thing that holds some buyers back from foreign luxury cars is the availability of parts. Hard to find, expensive to ship parts add financial burden should your car need a repair. No matter the make and model, you will need a repair.

Waiting on a part, you need to ship from across the country is a hassle. The less time you spend in the garage or waiting for your mechanic to make repairs, the better.

BMW parts are easier to find than other luxury car brands. This means repairs will take less time, and you’ll be back on the road as soon as possible.

It should be noted that easy to find parts doesn’t mean less expensive labor costs. Because BMW’s are so well-made, the repairs require expert mechanics.

You shouldn’t worry, though. While BMW repairs can be more intense than other cars, your trusted BMW mechanic will care for your car like it is their own.

4. ConnectedDrive

The interior of a modern car barely resembles cars of even the recent past. Gone are the cigarette lighters and back seat ashtrays. Sit inside a brand-new car, and it often feels as though you’re sitting in a computer.

That’s because you are. The world demands connectivity at all times. GPS, email, and text messages rule the day. Drivers demand not only a reliable vehicle but one that keeps them connected to the virtual world they live in.

Not known to shy away from innovation, BMW offers the latest in this technology. ConnectedDrive allows drivers to stay in contact with their entire digital world while driving down the highway.

While other cars have similar electronic features, ConnectedDrive interfaces with your smartphone via an app that allows for remote starting and car location, it also offers great safety features like night vision and lane departure sensors.

5. Customization

Who wouldn’t want a car built to their specifications? One of the best reasons to buy a BMW is how you can build one yourself.

With every make and model they offer, you can add the engine you want. You can choose the wheels, the interior, and the materials. Every aspect of your new BMW will fit who you are and what you want.

6. They’re Fun

What’s the point of buying a luxury car if you can’t have a little fun? BMW offers amazing driving performance with high-powered engines and a sleek look.

With ultra-responsive steering and even weight distribution, you can zoom these cars through tight turns. What’s even better is how great they look. These cars drop jaws and turn heads.

7. Affordability

While BMW luxury cars are far from cheap, they are priced less than their foreign luxury counterparts. Some types of BMWs are relatively inexpensive. The 2019 Series 2 starts at $35,300.

You may think a luxury car is out of your price range. If that’s the case, you should take a look at what BMW offers. Their more affordable pricing allows drivers to buy a well-made luxury car at a reasonable price.

You Need to Buy a BMW

Though Bavarian Motor Works started as an aircraft engine manufacturer, they’ve made the top of the line luxury cars and motorcycles since 1928. When you buy a BMW, you’re buying quality. 

These luxury vehicles hold their value, are fun to drive, and contain the leading innovations of fuel-efficient technology. Plus, if you buy a BMW, you’ll look great driving it.

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