Everything You Need to Know About the Lamborghini Sian Roadster

The new Lamborghini Sian Roadster is nothing to laugh at, with the V12 engine snuggled inside the topless body, there’s a reason they cost over $2 million

Consumers purchased 2.1 million electric cars last year alone. The automotive industry is continuing to head towards a more energy-efficient future. This doesn’t solely pertain to your typical, everyday passenger cars…this means sports cars too. Yes, you read that right, sports cars. 

While it might be difficult to imagine revving your engine or flying down open motorways in an electric car, it is possible. When the Lamborghini Sián Roadster went on the market back in July, they proved how popular a hybrid sports car could be. The 19 units they built for this make and model sold out soon after they were revealed.

It’s no surprise the Lamborghini only manufactured a limited amount of units, as it makes their product more exclusive than it already is. But what was it that made this roughly £2.8 million supercar such a coveted item for luxury car consumers? Here’s every detail you need to know about the newest Lamborghini creation. 

Fresh, New Updated Looks

When the luxury car company released the Sián FKP 37 in fall 2019, it was groundbreaking. The Sián was the first electric-powered vehicle the company had ever released and it had the most powerful engine they had ever built. Lamborghini only produced 63 units of the FKP 37 and, similar to its counterpart, it was sold out when it debuted. 

The Sián Roadster has taken all the positive attributes from its predecessor and combined them with quintessential roadster characteristics to make a unique product. With its smooth finish, this hybrid sports car is extremely aerodynamic and efficient. The front splitters, front bonnet, side air intakes, and outlets allow the car to glide through the air without losing any of its traction on the road. 

The rear wing comes up only when on the road, maintaining its sleek exterior otherwise. The Y-Shaped headlights and the hexagonal taillights add to the vehicle’s futuristic look. These shapes are popular Lamborghini features, cluing consumers in on what brand the super sports car is without having to look at the logo. 

Why So Blue?

It’s difficult to ignore that electric exterior, as it’s probably the first thing that stands out to a lot of people when they see this car. It is no mistake that Lamborghini chose this standout color, known as Blu Uranus, for their hybrid sports car.

There’s some symbolism behind the blueish-greenish shade, as it represents the sky and grass. Connecting these elements to nature was an intelligent marketing move, considering the hybrid model is more eco-friendly than a petrol-fueled car. The wheels are a copper-like shade—copper being one of the best conductors of electricity.

Take a Peek Inside the Lamborghini Sián Roadster

The interior is definitely not as vibrant as the exterior. The white seats are customizable, making each unit rarer than it already is. Between the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat are a touchscreen and vehicle control pad. This isn’t anything you wouldn’t expect from a technologically advanced, luxury car. 

The only concern about the interior is that it may get tarnished from inclement weather, as there is no cover on this car. While many roadsters have the cover-up as a backup option, Lamborghini used carbon fiber as the interior’s main source of material and did without the protective layer. 

With all this talk about this rare Lamborghini’s physical appearance, let’s not forget that it’s not just the outside that matters. The innovation used to build the Sián Roadster’s internal parts plays a huge role in what takes this car from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds.

Strong Build

Underneath the bonnet of the Lamborghini’s Sián Roadster rests the 6.5-liter V12 engine. This engine alone produces 25 kilowatts of pure power. Lamborghini’s decision to use titanium for the engine valves was key to keeping this car as light and as fast as possible. 

Additionally, there is a 48-volt electric motor that, when combined with the V12 engine and the seven-speed transmission, produces 555 KW. This is part of what allows drivers to get up to a top speed of 350 km/h.

These numbers support the luxury brand’s decision to name the super sports car “Sián.” At that speed and power, it probably feels as though you are moving as fast as “lightning.” 

Instead of a battery-powered engine, Lamborghini went with a 34 kg supercapacitor, which is situated right between the cockpit and the engine. What makes this capacitor super is that it holds triple the amount of energy and is three times as powerful as a regular car battery. 

However, the downside is to the capacitor, no matter how great it can be, is that it releases energy quicker than a battery does. Instead of a consistent amount of energy over a longer span of time, you will get short spurts of immense energy. This super sports car does have regenerative braking, though, which will work to increase that charge as you continue on your drive.

Ready for an Upgrade?

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