2020’s Most Outrageous Concept Cars

Concept cars are known for being rather crazy visions of the future, here’s what 2020 has speculated will one day be populating our roads

This year, the CES 2020 expo unveiled some of the most outrageous concept cars you could imagine. As visions of our automotive future are quickly becoming a reality, cars have started to blend technology and biology with traditional driving experiences. If you missed them, then you need to see what was on offer.

Below, we have collected some of the most innovative and downright odd cars 2020 had to offer. Read on to see out pick of the 5 best concept cars of the year.

1. Terrafugia TF-X

Just when we thought that the concept of a flying car had been resigned to the dustbin, Terrafugia comes along with its TF-X concept car. You would be forgiven if you did not even recognize it as a car, as its non-symmetrical stylings give it the appearance of a futuristic generator. Apart from the snugly hidden wheels, it bears no resemblance to an automobile whatsoever. 

Terrafugia is a Chinese company based in Massachusetts. Founded by five graduates from MIT, they are currently developing a readable aircraft named the Transition alongside the TF-X. They are supported by the Volvo and Lotus groups. 

Unbelievably, the car is a plug-in hybrid. The retractable wings and propellers allow it to take off vertically, and it can fly with speeds of up to 200mph. It can seat up to four people. 

If you are worried about the car failing or running out of fuel mid-flight, have no fear. It comes fitted with a full-sized parachute that will deliver the vehicle safely back to earth. 

2. Rolls-Royce 103 Ex

The Rolls Royce NEXT concept line emerged in 2016 as part of BMWs anniversary events. The car has since undergone a number of updates, all aimed at giving us a glimpse of a high-end automotive vision of the future. The concept is that each and every Roll Royce will become a customizable work of art from the ground up, through its size, shape, and silhouette. 

The cars are designed to be electric and are all driverless. The autonomous driver capabilities will also be customizable to replicate the preference people may have for a particular chauffeur. The whole thing comes bundled with an advanced artificial intelligence system named Eleanor. 

3. Citreon 19_19 Concept Cars

The Citroen 19_19 is the companies second attempt at an electric, city concept car. It has an amazing design, with huge bulky wheels at the side that gives it the appearance of a science fiction moon buggy. The body itself is a very simple transparent capsule, with a cabin that represents the width of an aircraft wing. 

One great feature that Citroen added to the concept car was the blue at the back and black at the front color scheme. This was a nod to the Petite Rosalie, the record-breaking car of 1932 crafted by Citroen. The unconventional car has microfilm at the rear allowing for passenger privacy, with a clear front to give great visibility. 

The whole design is built around the concept of aerodynamics, with fins that cascade into the brand’s iconic chevrons at the back of the vehicle. The wheels are supersized and fitted with tires designed by Goodyear. In this design, the tire and wheel appear as one and are created as such to provide acoustic dampening for an almost silent ride. 

4. Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

While many cars that debuted at this year’s CES 2020 expo looked outrageous and shocking, one car took the idea of the concept and made it look sleek. That was the Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR, a car that would not look out of place on the set of Blade Runner. 

The idea of the car is to merge man and machine into one automobile experience. The car reads your breathing and checks your pulse on entry. Passengers are shown visions of the outside world on screens inside the cabin.

The car is an all-wheel-drive, and each wheel operates using a separate motor. This means that they can work independently and can even make the car do a sideways crab walk if needed. 

It is powered by innovative electric battery technology. This is based on organic graphene cell chemistry, meaning the battery does not rely on expensive and toxic metals for power. Finally, the back is covered in 33 scale-like hatches that can open independently, house cameras, and other devices. 

5. DS X E-Tense

The aim for the DS X E-Tense, according to its creators, was to create a car that was light as a feather and silent as a breeze. It is a three-seat concept car that aims to allow users to select a driving mode from two vehicles in one. This idea is visible throughout the whole design, with an asymmetrical look that literally looks like two concept cars melded together own the middle. 

The driver’s seat is wide open, while the passenger cabins are closed. The split concept continues with two different engines. One of these can be used for sedate city living, while one can fire up and deliver up to 1,360 horsepower on the open road or racetrack.

In keeping with the care of the future theme, it also has a fully automated mode so the car can operate driverless. The passenger part of the car names itself a cocoon, dedicate to a fully immersive, comforting experience. The seats are shaped like the wing of a bird, and the whole section is built to be an immersive, acoustic bubble with sound beams that adjust to passenger movements. 

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