Business or pleasure?

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, Refined Marques Corporate Services are designed so that everything is tailored to client’s highest level of assistance, personal requirements and expectations. From: Designing and making 1off cars worldwide. Custom Tuning Armored cars (B6/B7) V-Class, Saloon, 4×4 … etc Supercars rentals. Unique tailored pieces (custom made). Private jet & Helicopter (sales & rentals) Yacht (sales & rentals) Exclusive & Limited edition watches Fashion unique pieces for the ladies such as “Hermes rare edition bags, jewelry … etc. Chauffeur car rentals throughout Europe 24/7/365 available. Professional bodyguards (during holidays, business trips, special events … etc.) Rare objects

You name it we make it happen

You name it we make it happen. We simply don’t have any limits – “Your imagination is our limit.” We’ve been offering our services for several years to our clients globally, always being able to deliver the very best life has to offer, without any limits. Wherever you are in the world, our team is ready to provide the ultimate and do the necessary for every single request and ensure impeccable service to each client.

Hermes Bags

Explore our selection of exclusive Hermes rare edition bags. 

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