The Lamborghini Essenza Is a Track-Only 820 HP Beast

It’s made for the track, so you won’t find on the road anytime soon, but the 280-hp Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 is a supercar to marvel at

A new snarling, naturally aspirated V12 racing Lamborghini is here, and it’s frothing at the mouth.

The Lamborghini Essenza is the newest Lambo, and it’s a track-only sports car. It’ll obliterate your mind with 820 bhp (611 Kilowatts), an ultralight Chasis, and a hood scoop that increases the Essenza’s power as it accelerates. 

But, does the Essenza generate enough downforce to have us down on our knees? 

We read through everything we could find from the most reputable auto journalism sites to help you find out.

What Media Outlets Have to Say About the Lamborghini Essenza 

To honor the release of Lamborghini’s latest masterpiece, we’ve compiled a list of takes from the industry’s top auto journalism sources. 

Here’s what they had to say.

Top Gear

Top gear has always held that Lamborghini holds the gold for making the mad man’s version of the pure motoring experience. According to them, what Lamborghini delivers is mind-stretching terror and giddy joy.

If you’re not having fun while fearing for your life, then you’re not driving a Lamborghini. To them, the Essenza SCV12 is no different.

As writer Vijay Pattni states, “The challenge here, of course, [is] to hold onto your breakfast.” 

Of course, he’s saying this because the Essenza is currently the most powerful car that Lamborghini has ever built–and it’s made specifically for racing.

According to Top Gear, that means that this Lamborghini’s made with a carbon fiber chassis that doubles as a roll cage, magnesium wheels, and exhaust pipes that increase power. This Lamborghini is also only rear-wheel drive. 

Vijay Pattni continues to say that “there are just three elements to the bodywork — in order to change it quickly in a pit stop should aforementioned misfortune arise — fashioned in a way that is so very Lamborghini.”

Autocar Magazine

Auto car magazine was the UK’s very first car-based publication. Set up in 1895, this magazine has been releasing issues weekly for over 100 years. They’ve helped launch legendary cars, provide extremely detailed spec sheets, and continues to remain free and unbiased on the internet to this day. 

This magazine is so storied that we would be doing the Essenza a disservice if we didn’t mention their review.

Autocar’s review was, well, an Autocar review. They started by listing specs, and they ended by listing specs.

That’s not to say that their review was boring. It was the opposite. Reading over Autocar’s detailed reporting, we learn that Lamborghini isn’t making a new super sports car.

Instead, Lamborghini has done to take the best bits from their streetcars and their racing GT3 cars. Then they’ve melded them together in a symphony of carbon fiber, hurricane-force winds, and explosions. 

Autocar states that “Chief among the changes is a comprehensive aero package inspired by Lamborghini’s Huracán GT3 racer…” and that “… although the car’s precise weight has not been disclosed, Lamborghini claims a power-to-weight ratio of 1.65bhp per 1kg.”

Even better, Autocar reveals that they believe the Essenza is Lamborghini’s bid for the hypercar category at Le Mans in 2021. That’s right. You can own a hypercar from the brand that won at Le Mans.

Car and Driver

Car and Driver have been one of the most trusted auto review magazines in the world since 1955. They’ve reviewed almost every Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bugatti you can think of, so we trust them to give us a balanced opinion. 

They got ahold of the Lamborghini, and this is what they had to say.

Car and Driver said that the Lamborghini Essenza is a love letter to themselves. Because Lamborghini is going hybrid, it’s likely Lamborghini will not make any more purely petrol powered machines. 

That not only means that the Essenze SCV12 is not only a limited-edition Lamborghini, it’s also the last-best chance to experience a Lambo at the height of its power before the company moves to greener pastures (yes, that’s an electricity pun).

Car and Driver’s article also points out the Essenza’s crazy aerodynamics with auto journalist Connor Hoffman stating, “See all that crazy aero? It helps the Essenza SCV12 produce more downforce than a GT3 car, Lamborghini claims, and the front splitter and massive adjustable carbon-fiber rear wing assist with that.”

Hoffman also mentions that anyone who buys an Essenza will get free driving lessons from racing drivers so that they can push Lamborghini’s purest expression of petrol-power to the limit.

Car and Driver seems to be building to one ultimate conclusion about this built for the track monster. Hoffman ends the article by saying, “Pricing hasn’t been announced, but sounds worth whatever they say, right?”

Motor Trend 

Motor Trend is not a show or even a review site. Instead, Motor Trend is one of the most popular channels for auto journalism and entertainment globally. They host shows like Wheeler Dealers and Chasing Classic Cars, to name just a few. 

We think it’s safe to say that they know a thing or two about the automobile world. 

The Motor Trend article focuses on the Essenza’s racing heritage.

They mention that purchasing an Essenza will net you several days a year where you get to fly to a formula one track. They haven’t said where yet, with other Essenza owners and rip through your rubber. 

The writer states, “After all, this is a tried-and-true track car, and Lamborghini won’t have Essenza SCV12 owners use it in any other way.”

Even though you won’t be able to take an Essenza home with you, Lamborghini will deliver it to you anywhere within reason, where you would like to race. 

The Motor trend Writer seems to believe that this is how the car company has decided to display its purest expression of a petrol-powered car. You should worship the Essenza for its ability to go fast without reservations above anything else. 

A face peeling 820 horsepower (612 Kilowatts) isn’t worth having if you can’t use 100% of it during 100% of your driving experience.

No Matter What Anyone Says, We’re Beyond Excited

We’ve specialized in supercars and hypercars for as long as we can remember. Sill, we’ve never seen anything like the Lamborghini Essenza before. 

Then again, Lamborghini is pretty good at that sort of thing. 

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