The Centodieci is a massive departure from the standard Chiron design-wise. While the Chiron still looks a lot like the Veyron, the Centodieci boasts a more angular design. That’s because Bugatti wanted the Centodieci to look like a modern incarnation of the EB110.
The front end was redesigned to include some of the EB110’s main features. The headlamps were mounted higher in the fascia and are extremely thin now. Granted, the EB110 had bigger lights, but Bugatti probably wanted to preserve the Chiron’s familiar look as well. The nose was elongated and fitted with a much smaller \”horseshoe\” grille. While it’s not as small as the EB110’s, it’s notably smaller than the Chiron’s. The grille is flanked by two massive air vents separated by horizontal planes in the center. This feature is also inspired by the EB110, which has a similar bumper.
As a much more modern feature, Bugatti added a slightly curled splitter under the bumper. The hood is also unique to this model, featuring a small thin in the center, as well as a cooling vent design that I haven’t seen on other Chiron models. Bugatti also went with a more angular design for the windscreen frame, likely also inspired by the EB110.

Onto the sides, the French builder tried to preserve as much as possible from the EB110, starting with the sculpted side skirt and deep vent in the lower rear fender. But while the EB110 features a rather simple and rectangular element, the Centodieci boasts a more intricate design that makes more sense aerodynamically. But by far the biggest change here is the absence of the C-shaped pillar that incorporates the roof and the side skirt on the Chiron.
Although Bugatti claims it’s still there but smaller, the element is hardly noticeable. Basically, Bugatti shaved off the car’s profile, which results in a cleaner design. Instead of a quarter window, the Centodieci features five round air vents positioned in the shape of a diamond, just like on the EB110 SS. The lack of the C-shaped element gives the Centodieci an even cooler look and it makes us wonder whether the standard model wouldn’t be better off without it.

It has a fully digital instrument cluster with TFT screens that integrate a navigation system and a speedometer that runs all the way up to 500 km/h (310 mph). The flat-bottom steering wheel features aluminum spokes and blue controls, while the seats provide support for spirited driving but are also comfortable for long trips. The package also includes a premium sound system with diamond membranes for the tweeters, silver emblems, and a cooled glove box.

The Centodieci’s performance numbers are largely similar to the regular Chiron. The sprint to 60 mph comes in the same 2.4 seconds, but charging to 124 mph takes a bit less. While the Chiron hits the benchmark in 6.5 seconds, the Centodieci needs 6.1 clicks. Likewise, the Centodieci reaches 186 mph in 13.1 seconds, a half-second quicker than the Chiron.

27 augusti, 2020
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The Centodieci is a massive departure from the standard Chiron design-wise. While the Chiron still looks a lot like the Veyron, the Centodieci boasts a more […]
27 augusti, 2020
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