Guide to Caring for and Driving Exotic Cars

Owning an exotic car is a pleasure, but also a responsibility. These tips for caring for and driving exotic cars can help you keep your ride in top shape.

Supercars are both works of art and finely tuned machines, so many owners can find their care a bit intimidating. Driving exotic cars is a pastime few things can rival but it’s also one in which mistakes may well cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

This is why today we’ve compiled a simple guide of actionable advice to help demystify the process of caring for one of these elite vehicles. We’ll also go over some common errors new owners make so that you can learn the same lessons without your beautiful supercar ever needing to be at risk!

Learn to Drive Your Vehicle

Newcomers may find this tip insulting, as the vast majority of exotic car owners can obviously “drive” in the sense that they are able to legally drive motor vehicles. However, driving a supercar requires more than entry-level knowledge.

Supercars, as well as many other types of luxury cars, are different beasts altogether compared to the vast majority of other cars. They are powerful and able to turn on a dime. They also may be lower to the ground than most owners are used to.

It’s common for new owners to get excited by their supercars, underestimate them, and embarrass themselves. Learn from the errors of others so you not only don’t look silly but also so you can drive your vehicle safely. Take things slowly, pay attention to the feel of your vehicle, and even consider some lessons if this is your first time owning a supercar.

These vehicles aren’t sports cars. The care and precision that goes into their design make them classed differently for a reason. Learning how they operate will make your driving experience more comfortable, put less wear and tear on the vehicle, and can even prevent you from getting into an accident.

Keep Things Well-Maintained

If you’re interested in high-performance cars, there isn’t an excuse to keep them in poor condition. The only excuse for poor maintenance on a vehicle if you cannot afford it but luxury cars don’t allow for that excuse.

The nature of the vehicles means you’ve decided to invest in a luxury vehicle that is both art and supercar. A serious breach in maintenance protocol could lead to major expenses or even an accident. Moreover, not all supercars can be replaced, even if you have the money to spend.

Moderate maintenance now means you can avoid major repairs later. You also should research your specific model of vehicle to see what your maintenance routine should look like; many exotic cars have nuances to them that you won’t see with the average car.

Watch your tires, especially if you find yourself pushing your car to its limits. Your fluids also need to be maintained, although note that many luxury cars are designed in such a way where you may need expert help and special tools to swap out things like oil. 

Most supercars aren’t designed for easy maintenance. You’re going to want to make sure whatever company you’re working with has the experience with luxury cars needed to maintain them.

Watch for Dings and Keep Things Waxed

Most owners of luxury cars want their vehicles to look as good as they drive. This is one of many reasons we’ve referred to supercars as art thus far; exotic vehicles are great for showing one’s tastes and are often displayed prominently when not in use.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to drive a large machine and keep it looking pristine without some effort. If you want that showroom to shine, a regular waxing can be a major boon. Just be sure not to use cheap materials; options are generally cheap for a reason and you don’t want to expose your car to wax that is ineffective or even abrasive.

Beyond waxing, keeping a car looking nice is a matter of careful driving. Sidewalk ledges, steep slopes, piled snow, and more can also scratch up a car if you aren’t careful.

Even a tiny scratch can stand out on a luxury vehicle with a bright paint scheme. (Additionally, if your vehicle is otherwise pristine and in good condition, that will emphasize scratches further.)

Address Unusual Behavior Immediately

In a similar vein to being sure to keep your vehicle maintained, our final tip is to make sure any unusual behavior in your vehicle is addressed immediately.

Vehicle owners often ignore strange sounds, obvious catching, or warning lights. The truth is that these all happen for a reason. Even if it’s a small problem, such as an issue with a sensor rather than what it monitors, it still needs to be fixed.

While we admit that not every oddity is an emergency, the fact is that minor issues and critical problems often seem similar in the early stages. Either way, machines also don’t fix themselves. If an issue seems to resolve itself, you should still try and figure out what the root cause was.

Many supercars are not unlike a beautiful Swiss watch. They are intricate in design and precise in function. At the same time, an issue can cause a cascade of other problems if left unaddressed due to that same intricacy.

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A Good Routine Means Driving Exotic Cars Farther and Harder

We hope the above has helped you to understand that driving exotic cars means good maintenance and keeping aware of your vehicles’ limits. That said, a good routine also means you’ll be able to drive your car longer and harder without worry. By understanding your vehicle and being able to trust that it is in working order, you will be able to fully experience its beauty.

If you have questions about luxury vehicles, be you looking for a specific model or hoping to get some work done, we hope you’ll consider contacting us. At Refined Marques, we believe it is our duty to serve customers who wish to experience driving in true luxury. If you have a need, we shall do our very best to fill it.