Interested in Buying a Bugatti Sports Car? Here’s What You Should Know

Luxury cars always turn heads. And there are fewer experiences that are as great as cruising in a luxury car.

Among the variety of luxury cars available, Bugatti sports cars really stand out. If you’re thinking of getting behind the wheel of one, there’s a lot that will fascinate you. 

Among our selection of luxury cars, it is these cars that truly stand out.

But what is it that makes these cars so fascinating? And what should you know if you decide to hire one—or better yet, purchase one of your own?

Veyron and Chiron

The two modern models are the Veyron and the Chiron.

Let us take a more in-depth look at these great cars.

The Veyron: Success or Not?

Even a casual observer recognizes the Bugatti Veyron model. As to whether the Bugatti Veyron is a successful model is a source of contention. Financially, they are not a success (as of this writing). 

It shocked the world when it was reported that Volkswagen lost over $6 million for every Veyron that they produce. Even with the $1.5 million price tag of the Veyron, enough models are not sold to recover the cost.

As a resulted, Volkswagen has currently halted the production and sale of the Veyron. But this has not caused a stigma toward the Veyron.

This is because it remains a car that people like. It remains one that turns heads.

It is especially a favorite for male celebrities who exemplify the “bad boy image.”

It is up to you to decide whether the price is worth it. You will be part of an exclusive club if you choose a Veyron as your Bugatti of choice.

Expensive Tires

Purchasing a Veyron is a costly investment. Maintaining a Bugatti, and any luxury car will also be costly. But we think it is worth every penny.

With the Veyron, you must be aware of the cost of the tires. They cost $42,000 per set.

You also have to know that when the car reaches its top speed, the tires will need replacing. You should use your Bugatti for cruising. Racing cannot be an everyday occurrence.

After replacing the tire set thrice, you will have to replace the wheels of the Bugatti. This will set you back another $69,000. If you do not ever reach the top speed, then the Bugatti can go 2,500 miles before needing the wheels to be replaced.

This setback is unique to the Veyron as the Chiron has standard rim geometrics. With the Chiron, you will not need to shell out several thousand to replace the tires and the wheels.

The Chiron: 1500 Horses

That’s right – the Bugatti Chiron has 1500 horsepower. With this extremely high level of horsepower, the Chiron can go from 0-62 miles per hour in less than 3 seconds. The top speed of the Chiron is 271 miles per hour.

This is slightly faster than the Veyron, which can reach up to 268 miles per hour.

This speed makes the Chiron (as well as the Veyron) one of the fastest cars in the world. One cannot know how long either model will be on this list. But for now, you will turn heads (and strain a few necks) when you cruise by in either car.

Five-Month Waiting Period

If you decide to make the Chiron your Bugatti of choice, make sure you can wait up to five months.

The engine itself takes seven days to build. It can take up to three months to get all the parts together and another two months to put everything together!

Unlike the extremely rare Veyrons, the Chiron’s are still in production. Once you purchase your Chiron, it will take five months to be manufactured before it can be delivered to you.

Once you do receive your Chiron and start driving around, you will realize that the wait is worth it.

Unique Design

After graduating from the Veyron, Bugatti wanted to improve upon its sophisticated design. It did so with the Chiron.

This new model is higher and broader than the Veyron model. It retains the signature horseshoe grille. It also has a flat LED projector headlamps—the flattest headlamps in a car.

It has a rear spoiler that can adapt to four different positions, which is particularly unique to Bugatti. 

It also has a rear light bar that consists of one well-placed piece of metal.

The Chiron is not only the latest Bugatti model but is also considered to be the best model in the history of the company.

Be Aware of This Before You Buy

Now that you know about the uniqueness of both the Veyron and the Chiron, you may be ready to buy one.

But before you do, be aware of these final things:

The Bugatti models empty their gas in just above 10 minutes when they run on full speed. If you are going to run on full speed, you cannot expect to go exploring. 

If you are a car collector, then a Bugatti is an excellent piece for showcasing your collection. After all, there is also an option to embed diamonds into the speedometer.

Additionally, since the two models of Bugatti are amongst the fastest cars in the world, you need to be aware that they are a massive consumer of air. Ultimately, this means that they will guzzle your gas a lot faster. Expect regular trips to the gas station.

And finally, the Bugatti cars are part of a unique history. If you can shell out the dough, you will feel part of an exclusive club that sits behind the wheel of a Bugatti.

See You on the Road in Your Bugatti Sports Car

Now that you know what makes a Bugatti sports car, we are sure to see you on the road in one of your own!

If you’re not ready to take the plunge just yet, considering hiring one with a chauffeur to take you to your next big event. Contact us and arrive at your destination in style in one of our luxury cars.