6 Interesting Porsche Car Facts You Need to Know

When it comes to Porsche, there are several fascinating and little-known facts to learn. Click here for our list of fun car facts about the luxurious Porsche!

Having a few car facts up your sleeve is always useful if you often get into debates with your fellow minded motorheads. Today our focus falls on the industry powerhouse that is Porsche. 

Founded in 1931, they have produced some of the most classic and iconic cars of the 20th century. And, even if they don’t admit it, everyone would love to get behind the wheel of one at some point. 

Their rich history covers world wars, dictatorships, legal troubles with other companies, and a lot more. 

So strap in as we zoom through these Porsche fun facts! 

1. Ferdinand Porsche Produced the First Electric Cars

In a time when all are focused on environmentally friendly cars, a Porsche may not come to mind. But they had more involvement in the cause than you may think. 

The very first electric car was designed by Ferdinand Porsche who was working for Ludwig Lohner, owner of his father’s car company Jacob Lohner. Porsche’s background was in electricity, he was an electrical engineer by trade, and when given the task of coming up with an electric car he hit the ground running.

He first came up with the P1, powered by eight Tudor batteries that weighed more than three times the weight of the motor. Another problem? It was only able to reach 21mph. 

Porsche later went onto design the first hybrid car the Lohner Porsche Mixed Hybrid which was first exhibited in Paris in 1900. 

2. Porsche and Mercedez-Benz Worked Together to Break the Land Speed Record

The need for speed has always been in Porche’s DNA, as can be seen with this fact. The T80 was Mercedez-Benz’s attempt to break the land speed record. To do it there was only one person to go to — Ferdinand Porche, of course! 

This 6 wheeled marvel had boasted a 45-liter V12 engine and had 3000 bhp. It could reach a top speed of 470mph, which would have obliterated the world record at the time which stood at 357.5mph. 

Alas, it was never meant to be, as the year that it was finally manufactured went down in history as a particularly tumultuous one and the process stopped. The year: 1939.

3. The 911 Almost Ceased to Be

If you were to ask a non-car enthusiast to name just one Porche model, you could put money on the 911 being the most popular answer. Since its inception in 1964, it has caught the public’s imagination unlike any other. 

Unknown among many car facts is that Porche almost stopped production of its flagship vehicle in the late ’70s. The CEO at the time, Ernst Fuhrmann, felt that it had had its day in relation to any further innovations. He wanted the company’s attention to fall more heavily on the 928 model due to be released in 1978. 

Due to poor sales of the front-engined 928, which was unpopular with Porche purists, the 911 continued to hold its place as the jewel in the crown among their vehicles.

4. Ferdinand Porsche Also Designed the VW Beetle 

Among the many Porsche, fun facts are that founder Ferdinand was a man who left his mark on many famous german car brands. For example, VW also has Porsche to thank for his assistance in the making of their most iconic car.     

Ferdinand was requested by Hitler in 1938 to come up with a car for the people (Volkswagen means “Peoples car”). He got to work along with his son Ferry in his Stuttgart villa and came up with the design of the Beetle as we know it today. More details of its storied history can be found here.

Of the originals, only 1 of the 14 prototype VW39’s produced still exists today. The all-black vehicle can be found appropriately in the Prototype Museum in Hamburg. 

5. Peugeot and Porsche Fought Over Car Numbers  

Once upon a time, Peugeot was a much bigger name in the world of car manufacturing than Porsche, and they used the weight of their name to show it. 

Our beloved 911 was at the center of the scandal. When produced, it was originally named the 901. Perfectly reasonable, you may think. However, Peugeot didn’t see it this way. Peugeot has the tradition of using the #0# numbering system and was not pleased at all. 

Having exclusive rights to this numbering structure in France, they kicked up a fuss. In order to keep the peace, the 901 was renamed the 911, as was the 904 and 906, known today as the Porche Carrera GTS and 6.  

6. Ferarri and Porsche Share Roots for Their Logos

More commonly known among car facts is that Ferrari and Porsche both sport a prancing horse as their logos. However, many just viewed it as nothing more than a coincidence. But there is one clear reason why though, and it lies in Germany — the city of Stuttgart. 

Ferdinand Porche was proud of the city he came to call home, to the extent that when the company that was founded there and had to come up with a badge, they chose the city’s coat of arms. 

Slightly more mystery lies behind the origins of the Ferrari logo. The story is disputed, but the general idea of the story remains the same.

An ace Italian pilot shot down a German fighter during WWI and took on the design he found from him to use on his own plane. When Countess Paolina Barracca, the pilot’s mother, got speaking to Enzo at a race, she suggested that he use her son’s design for good luck. 

The city the German fighter was from — you guessed it — was Stuttgart!

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With a company such as Porsche, there are countless more car facts that we could share. These are just a few of our favorites.

With all this entertaining information, we hope you now have an added appreciation for this premium brand.  

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